HVAC Cleaning Services

Air Conditioning and Exhaust Duct and Coil Cleaning

We specialise in manual, chemical, steam and pressure washing, and/or compressed air cleaning of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct and coil designs including:

  • Heating and cooling coils
  • In duct reheat coils
  • Condenser unit coils
  • Induction unit coils using negative air machines
  • Negative Air Machines to eliminate dust fall out

We offer customised ongoing maintenance plans to ensure you comply with Australian Standards that require all air conditioning and kitchen exhaust systems be inspected and cleaned on an annual basis. A certificate of compliance and comprehensive report, with digital images showing before and after work photos, are available upon request.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Air Conditioning Cleaning

We offer a complete service when it comes to the cleaning of air conditioning systems. We clean all designs including air handling units, fan coil units, PAC units and in-line ducted split systems.

Whether your system requires high pressure washing using hospital grade disinfectant or industrial twin-motorised vacuum cleaning equipment, our extensive range of equipment means we can handle any job no matter what kind of premises you operate.

You can rely on a pristine result every time and without any downtime to your operations or inconvenience to your staff or customers.

We remove all foreign dust, mould and matter build up on the unit’s interior. The results bring multiple benefits including higher energy efficiency of your building and improved indoor air quality for your staff and customers.

Indoor Air Quality & Inspection Reports

Indoor Air Quality & Inspection Reports

We provide a complete air quality inspection and testing service for a diverse range of large properties including office buildings, hospitals, universities and other multiple-site premises.

We inspect and test all air conditioned areas to ensure the entire building meets Australian Standards for air quality.

For particularly dirty areas, our 30-metre fibre optic inspection camera can correctly diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action. We supply a comprehensive report with photos and recommendations of further works required..

Supply and Installation of HVAC Filtration 

Supply and Installation of HVAC Filtration 

As part of our complete air conditioning cleaning service, we also supply and install all air filtration requirements.

We can install new filters after a complete clean of all unit chambers and return ductwork. This optimizes the efficiency of the HVAC system and helps reduce ongoing costs by extending the life of the filters.

Programmed Maintenance Plans for Filtration and Cleaning

When you’re busy running a business it can be challenging finding the time to ensure your HVAC inspection and cleaning regime is kept up to date and meeting the required standards.

We can take away the worry and give you back this time by providing a customised ongoing maintenance plan to ensure you comply with all Australian Standards and meet all insurance requirements.


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